Target Audience

Target Audience


The New Zealand Ski industry delivers a strong reach to active families with kids and singles aged 8 - 64.

New Zealand ski areas had their best year ever for visitor numbers in 2019 with over 1.7 million skier days recorded. Over 1.6 million skier days were recorded in 2018 the second largest on record.

Ski area visitor numbers continue to grow annually due to the large growth of snow sports and the investment of millions of dollars from the ski area operators on facilities and marketing.

The snow sport target audience is an ideal demographic consisting of 1.7 million skiers and snowboarders::

  • 50% of whom are male, 50% are female
  • 70% are in the 18-64 year age group
  • Skiers & Snowboarders are well educated, 60% of whom earn a household income greater than 75K per year.
  • 70% of skiers & snowboarders go with friends & family
  • 50% are hooked – return every year
  • 40% decide on ski holiday three months
  • Skiers & Snowboarders are ‘early adopters’ and ‘tech savvy’
  • Alpine Media has exclusive media placement contracts on all major New Zealand ski areas - Queenstown, Wanaka, Canterbury & Ruapehu
  • To receive a detailed demographic profile report, please contact us.


Alpine Media offers premier winter snow sports sponsorship and on-mountain experiential opportunities in conjunction with campaigns including:
  • Event Sponsorship
  • Experiential activity on hill
  • Product Sampling
  • Winter Athlete sponsorship