Advertising Mediums

ADBLOCS - Premium Advertising

Adbloc is a unique media installed on the chairlift safety bar literally in the lap of our captive premium audience.

The steel safety bar and a 20m drop render your brand and message inescapable during the 7 minute ride to the top of the mountains.

What else will they do for 7 minutes?

This proximity and lengthy exposure, results in exceptional depth-of-sale and the opportunity to employ extremely engaging texting, email and call-to-action campaigns.

Adbloc has been working for advertisers for 10 years with over 50,000 adblocs now deployed on five continents. Recent research confirmed exceptional unaided recall of both brand and message.

Engage your audience in an idyllic setting, doing something they love, with few distractions or competing media, and no off button!




Our safety pad banner sites are located on the snow, at the base of the chairlift towers. They are large format, full colour banners presented on the front of the safety pads. The banners display your brand to every person who is riding that chairlift, every time they ride up the mountain. Essentially safety pad banner advertising is high repetition, large format, brand reinforcement. Exclusivity within your category is assured.

Large format display – 780 x 1285.

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These are full colour backlit sign boxes, which have been positioned in strategically high profile locations around the base area. These sites are very exclusive, as there are a maximum of 7 per ski area, so they are guaranteed to be seen by every person who visits the ski area. This format is large scale advertising at close proximity, which really stands out!

Medium: 1220 H x 800 W 

Large: 1750 H x 1150 W

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Our A3 poster frames are located in prominent positions, within the ski area restrooms. They are an effective way of communicating a gender specific message, or reinforcing your on-snow advertising campaign.

A3 portrait